About Ontological Coaching:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  –Albert Einstein

There is a duality in the nature of human beings. There is the you who is in public, who has relationships, a career, interests, “a life”. We each view the world from a unique perspective, which, mostly invisibly to us, is given to us by our history, our culture, our family and our experiences.  It is as if you are caught in the drift of a river, being swept along by this history without your knowledge or consent. You can swing out with a little freestyle, float awhile on your back, maybe do a little sidestroke in order to admire the view, but you are still caught, drifting along in the current. Without an understanding of the drift, you are an unconscious captive of it. And the devil is in the drift.

Then there is the other you. This is the one that is hidden in your heart of hearts. This is the one that, if you could dream that big, you know would be you. This is the you of secret desires and passions, this is the you that knows what you are truly capable of and knows what would satisfy your soul. This is the you that is hidden beneath the default of habit, of family, history, culture, of the drift, the you that is hidden behind fears of not knowing how to be who you really are, who you really want to be, of not trusting that you are extraordinary. This is the you that is hidden in plain sight if you know where to look.

Ontological coaching gives you access to a new way of looking at yourself and the world. It distinguishes the drift of your life, and gives you access to striking out deliberately to the shore. It interacts with who you “be” rather than what you “do”. Ontological coaching shifts your perspective and how you observe the world in a profound way, giving you access to a new way of thinking about your relationships, your work and your problems. It is life altering in the deepest and broadest and most joyous sense.

Ontological coaching explores the three dimensions of body, emotions and language as being inextricably entwined. The coach works with the coachee to develop a more complete awareness of their total integrated way of “being” in the world.

As you integrate who you are and/or who you can be in your body, your moods and your emotions, and how you express yourself linguistically, you discover new ways to increase your effectiveness and achieve the results you desire. You discover a new way of “being” in the world.

By understanding how you observe the world, and what other possibilities for observation there might be, you are able to shift your way of being in such a way that new, previously unrecognized possibilities for action open for you with new, previously unimaginable results possible. It is learning the art of the possible.