Work With Me


Coaching with me:

I coach entrepreneurial women who want the self-expression and freedom that their own business can bring. I help women find courage and break the rules to build highly successful businesses that bring joy and satisfaction on their own terms. I coach women who have the courage to fully own their lives.

If you are a woman like this, and are interested in working with me, here is how it works:

I coach only by referral or invitation. Coaching is a very intimate relationship between coach and coachee that is founded upon mutual respect and trust. It is an exciting, energizing, and very enriching process for both the coachee and the coach. I believe that for great coaching to occur it is critical that there be “chemistry” between the two.

Further, new learning can be uncomfortable. Entering into a coaching relationship with me requires the willingness to leave familiar shores and venture into uncharted waters. As my coachee, you have to be willing to allow me, as your coach, to support you and guide you through this process. However, the process and the results will belong to you.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?


"Your problem is how you are going to spend this one odd and precious life you have been issued. Whether you’re going to spend it trying to look good and creating the illusion that you have power over people and circumstances, or whether you are going to taste it, enjoy it, and find out the truth about who you are."  -Anne Lamott- 


A Complimentary Conversation for Insight and Possibility

I'd love to invite you to do a complimentary 30 minute Conversation for Insight and Possibility with me. We will talk about where you are currently, where you want to be, and what lies in the chasm between. We'll take a look at what inspires you, and at what stops you, and at what is at the heart of your desire to be an entrepreneur. This is an opportunity for you to explore what might be possible for you through coaching, and for us both to see if we would be a "good fit" with each other.

I am looking forward to scheduling our Complimentary Conversation for Insight and Possibility!