Get to Know Me

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I help courageous women go deep, get out of their own way, break the unwritten rules that constrain them and take courageous leaps as their business unfolds and grows.

Coach, mentor and consultant. I am committed to calling forth your highest self. I am committed to seeing you as bigger than you see yourself. I am a stand for your greatness.

For a woman, being an entrepreneur is a radical act. It requires us to think and act in ways that we are not socialized to do within our culture, our families, and our educational systems. Being a woman entrepreneur requires a paradigm shift about who we think we are and who we know we can be. Most of this is transparent to us.

We were raised to think we can do anything, and on the books, we mostly can. However, the books don't reflect the internal reality for most women. We live a strangely dual life. We want, we desire, we know we can, and yet we have the inner voice of the generations telling us that we can't, that we aren't smart enough, or good enough, or we won't be liked if we do, or any one of a hundred other permutations of the same theme: you can't do it. So, we start, and then we stop ourselves. We go for it, then we put the brakes on. Or, we convince ourselves that we shouldn't, or that we aren't capable, and we never even begin.

It is imperative that, as women entrepreneurs, we do deep work to investigate the internal landscape of doubt that will sabotage us. As your coach, mentor, and consultant, I will work with you in a multi-step process to go deep and build a critical new foundation of competence and confidence, discover your true north, and then create an action plan to build a highly successful business on your own terms.

Together we will create a business that is both successful and satisfying. We will create a life that is authentic, fulfilled, and creative, and that is a full expression of who you are.




My Bio



What you need to know is that I am a serial entrepreneur. I have also lived a lot, and, so far, my life has been full of adventure and challenge. I have been fortunate enough to have had some really difficult things happen to me, both in business and in family relationships. Some of these have been self-inflicted. From these, I have gained some pretty deep insights into what is of most importance to me, and into how I have gotten in my own way more often than I'd like to admit. I have gained deep insights into how to muster the courage to keep moving forward, even when I wanted to pull the covers over my head, and insights into the cost to me and those who I hold dear when I have chosen to not move forward or take the risk.

Even though these "opportunities" have been very difficult, I have learned that making it to the other side of adversity opens the door for joy, happiness, confidence, and intense satisfaction. I am a lucky girl!

I chose to pursue coaching as my “third act” because of my own personal experiences with being coached, and the dramatic impact it has had on me throughout my life. I have found that working with coaches has broadened my perspective immeasurably, and it has given me the insights, tools, and confidence to successfully resolve difficult situations with grace. Coaching has opened deeper relationships for me with family, friends, and work colleagues, has helped me to define and refine my goals, and has given me the courage to go after them. In short, it has deeply enriched my life, and I love to help others discover the same benefits.



My Credentials



As an experienced entrepreneur, I have successfully (and on occasion not so successfully) developed and operated more than a few businesses over my career. At 20, I developed the Laney Aquatics Swim Team with a partner. At 22, I opened my first “real” business, SidePocket, Inc., which designed, manufactured and sold high fashion handbags to major department stores around the world. In addition to several other entrepreneurial ventures, while I was raising young children I became a successful Color Consultant. Later, together with my husband, I developed and operated 6 Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n Bake Pizza Restaurants. For 14 years I functioned as CEO (and Marketing Director, CFO and jack of all trades) of our restaurants. My latest highly successful business venture has been Lake Tahoe Institute of English, an English language immersion school for international business professionals. This school was based on cutting-edge language learning techniques, with the program developed and directed by me.

I have a BA in English Literature from University of California, Berkeley, and a MS in Environmental Engineering from Humboldt State University. I also have a degree in Fashion Design from Pacific Fashion Institute and am a Certified Instructor of English as a Second Language, with special certification in Business English. I have been credentialed to teach grades K-12 in the state of California, with certifications in English, Psychology, Sociology, History, and Spanish. Finally, I have taken many continuing education courses throughout the years, including extensive work with Landmark Education.

I am a Newfield Network Certified Ontological Coach, and am an ACC accredited member of the International Coach Federation, and am Director-At-Large in 2018 for the Sacramento, CA chapter of the International Coach Federation.

I have served on the Board of Directors for numerous local and national organizations, including Papa Murphy’s Franchise Advisory Board, Children’s Cabinet, and two non-profit adoption agencies. I have also served my community through volunteer participation in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), CPS Service Review Team, Council on the Status of Women, local schools and others.

In my personal life, I have been married to my husband for 38 years, and have raised 4 children with him. We now have 2 beautiful grandsons and a baby granddaughter as well. I love traveling (48 countries and counting!), languages, study of almost anything, reading almost everything, hiking, skiing, water sports, everything about nature. I have special interests in neuroscience, trauma, entrepreneurship and heroism.

Most of all, I find people endlessly fascinating and wonderful.