Find courage, break the unwritten rules, own your life


I coach entrepreneurial women who want the self-expression and freedom that their own business can bring.  I help women find courage, get out of their own way, and break the unwritten rules that constrain them. I help women build highly successful businesses that bring them joy and satisfaction on their own terms. l coach women to take courageous leaps as their business unfolds and to create a business and a life that they fully own.

I coach courageous women in

Entrepreneurial Design and Development

Boni LaValley Life Coach for Women

Working With Me

I coach by referral or invitation only. I believe that for great coaching to occur it is critical that there be "chemistry" between coach and coachee. Coaching is a very intimate and confidential relationship that is founded upon mutual respect and trust. It is an exciting, energizing, and very enriching process. In order to determine if we are a good match and to give you an experience of coaching with me, I will work with you in person or via video conference in a Complimentary Conversation for Insight and Possibility. This will give us the opportunity to see if we are a good fit, clarify the issues you want to explore, and decide if coaching is right for you.


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